/ Getting lit to Yachty /

Even if you’re straight edge (like me), this music makes you want to get fucked up on acid, hold hands with your neighbor you’ve never talk to, and stare at the never ending darkness of an ocean at 2 am. What is it about Lil Yachty’s voice… I don’t know. I’m glad I’m young enough not to write him off. Ok tbh, I LOVE HIS VOICE.


Out of Africa

Proud Refuge, a Kenyan-American, brings us a sound that is in line with modern rap/hip-hop radio tracks (though many of his lines are distinctly religious). There is something about this song that reverberates with that soft aching feeling of being a 20-something-nobody just dealing with your friends, loneliness, and everything else.

P.S. Kenyans are always out here killing the game. Expecting big things young one.