I created a world for us in my mind and this is the background music, looping for all of eternity. It’s easy, come easy, leave easy. What devil tempts you thus?


Nothing was the same

More nostalgia. Like you’re making new friends and having new experiences, but somehow it is incomparable to that month of May. I’m torn between the past and future, between home and what’s out there, between the familiarity of being alone and the promise of partnership. At least I have my memories and shoulder shimmies which remind me of great mentors, great friends, and my own greatness.

The video is pretty cute and usually I hate music videos. Bruhhhhhhh I’m so happy Camila Cabello doing her own thing.

My favorite songs are lullabies

Sometimes I need a lullaby because I just spent an hour looking for parking in Seattle on a rainy day and why are there so many people in this city today and why is every goddamn parking lot full, even the library, why didn’t I park at the island and take the bus, it’s because I gave my brother my bus card what the fuck is wrong with me, I need boots but I can’t find parking so I’m going home, I’m going to start crying because my period is coming tomorrow, why am I so alone.

All of Vice Menta’s La WAVE tracks are Mexi-magic.

Out of Africa

Proud Refuge, a Kenyan-American, brings us a sound that is in line with modern rap/hip-hop radio tracks (though many of his lines are distinctly religious). There is something about this song that reverberates with that soft aching feeling of being a 20-something-nobody just dealing with your friends, loneliness, and everything else.

P.S. Kenyans are always out here killing the game. Expecting big things young one.